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How To Kiss - 101 Ways

How to Kiss: 101 Ways

There is nothing more universal than the kiss. We think we know how to kiss at an early age, but kissing is a learned art that takes practice. Like the language of love, kisses are the most intimate form of communication.

We hope that this app trains millions of lovers to become kissing experts. Most of all, we say, be playful, loving, and open… because that is what kissing is all about!

Best Jewish Jokes

Best Jewish Jokes


Let’s face it: we grew up with these jokes.  Maybe like me, your father told them to you, or you heard them from comedians like Buddy Hackett. Are they new? Not all: some of these jokes have been retold hundreds of times, and some we’ve never heard before. No matter if you’ve heard them before or not, the best of them will never get old.

Waiting Games

Waiting Games

 How many parents have heard those dreaded words: "I'm bored!" We've all been there: stuck with our children at the doctors' office or at a restaurant waiting for the food to arrive or at an airport waiting for the plane to take off. Waiting Games is the answer. This app is a collection of 75 games that require little or no equipment. We make use of magazines, things found in a restaurant or items you're likely to have have in your pocket. It's "no-stuff-needed" fun.

Waiting Games is all about creativity and laughter. We should know because we've played these games for years and they've grown with our kids.

Walking With Jesus

Classroom Games

​Walking with Jesus

For the past two centuries, the study of Jesus Christ of Nazareth has been the focus of intense scholarship and study. Scholars have used the four canonical gospels as their key sources along with other sources to connect the story of the life, crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus.

Christian pilgrimages to sites in the Holy Land connected with Jesus have existed since at least the 4th Century and in the last century the number of Christians who have visited the Holy Land continues to climb.

This app brings the life of Jesus Christ and the Holy Land into your hands.  The places, images and text are intended to help both Christians and non-Christians learn more about the world where Jesus Christ walked.  It is hoped that this app can be an aid for those who are learning about Christ, those who are students of the Bible, or those who are preparing for their own pilgrimage.

Classroom Games

Whether you’re a substitute or a regular classroom teacher, games are a great way to fill extra time at the end of a lesson. Classroom teachers around the world play games with their kids to entertain, educate and to reward.

We have assembled this collection of some of the enduring games that have been used by teachers for decades. These games don’t require much in the way of special materials, and classrooms can be easily arranged to accommodate the games in this app. While some of the games are active, most don’t risk injury in the classroom, leaving running and jumping for the gym or the playground.

When using Classroom Games, it is important to know what your children need to support their learning. To that end we suggest that you think of these games as starting places, and creatively modify them for the needs of your classroom.